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About Us

Kidz Autism and Speech Clinic

KIDZ AUTISM AND SPEECH CLINIC was founded considering the needs and troubles parents face in receiving patient centric, trustworthy and evidence based intervention on a timely manner.

Our therapists are committed to provide the highest quality service to you and your family. We are here to make your experience smooth, pleasant and family oriented. We thrive to provide individualized support based on your needs.

Focus areas

We strive to maintain the highest standards of service in the following areas:
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Articulation/Phonology
  • Oral Motor Difficulties
  • Social Communication Skills
  • Stuttering
  • Language Based Learning Difficulties
  • Developmental Apraxia of Speech

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism is also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). People with autism have challenges with communication and social skills.


Children may say some sounds the wrong way as they learn to talk. They learn some sounds earlier, like /p/, /m/, or/ w/. Other sounds take longer to learn, like /z/ /v/or/th/.

Oral Motor Difficulties

Oral motor difficulties are difficulties with the oral structures (reduced mobility, agility, precision and endurance) as compared to their typically developing peers for feeding and speech.

Social Communication Skills

Social communication disorder is characterized by difficulties with the use of verbal and nonverbal language for social purposes.


People who stutter may repeat parts of words (repetitions), stretch a sound out for a long time (prolongations), or have a hard time getting a word out (blocks). Stuttering also may include tension and negative feelings about talking.

Language Based Learning Difficulties

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Developmental Apraxia of Speech

Apraxia is a motor speech disorder that makes it hard to speak.
Our Process

How do we work?

Our service protocol begins with an initial assessment, followed by development of individualized treatment plan to improvise speech, language, behavioral, social & communication skills, eventually helping clients to integrate in their school & function effectively within their home and community.

Step 1


A comprehensive evaluation of your child's speech, language, social, communication and behavior skills to determine if therapy is recommended.

Step 2


One on one therapy with an experienced Speech Language Pathologist or ABA therapist to target goals.


Frequently Asked Questions

KIDZ AUTISM ANS SPEECH CLINIC wants to make speech therapy, ABA therapy and respite services accessible to families across Durham, Toronto and the GTA. We will be glad to answer any questions related to the extended health care benefits covering all these services.

  • What is Speech Therapy?
    Speech therapy is an intervention service that focuses on improving a child's speech and abilities to understand and express language, including nonverbal language. Speech therapy includes two major components: (a) coordinating the mouth to produce sounds to form words and sentences (to address articulation, fluency, and voice volume regulation); and (b) understanding and expressing language (to address the use of language through written, pictorial, body, and sign forms, and the use of language through alternative communication systems.
  • Who are Speech Language Pathologists (SLP's)?
    Speech-language pathologists are highly-educated professionals who have a minimum of a master’s degree in their field. As in any health-care related profession, S-LPs are required to study anatomy and physiology, but they also study neuroanatomy, genetics, human and language development, linguistics, psychology, acoustics and more, which is why they are qualified to evaluate, diagnose (restricted in some provinces/territories) and treat a broad range of delays and disorders.
  • Does my insurance cover speech therapy?
    Speech therapy is covered through most extended health insurance plans (e.g. Green Shield Canada, Manulife, Sunlife etc..). Contact your insurance provider to get information about coverage for speech therapy specific to your plan.
  • Why is Speech Therapy so important?
    If not addressed in a timely manner, struggles with communication can have a lifelong effect. As children get older and have a communication difficulty, it can be more difficult for them to make friends or be successful in school. If the problems persist into adulthood there can be many after effects socially, academically and professionally. Adults with communication issues may find themselves struggling in their work and personal lives. Early intervention is key to success at any age.
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