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Consultation & Parent coaching – Kidz Autism and Speech Clinic
Welcome to Kidz Autism and Speech Clinic Inc.

Consultation, Parent coaching and Home programs

Over the years research have shown that parents are an essential part of their child’s intervention. As parents you may have many more opportunities to interact with your child in meaningful everyday situations than a therapist does.

Hanen Programs recognize parents as “key players” in their child’s intervention. The programs are designed to help parents learn how to promote their young child’s communication at home. Under the guidance of a Hanen Certified speech-language pathologist, parents learn to use specific language-building strategies with their child during everyday activities. These strategies both motivate the child to communicate and help him develop more mature communication skills. There is no structured teaching involved. “Therapy” happens whenever parent and child are together, and the child learns while communicating about all the things that are most interesting, familiar and important to him.

Parents will be taught different language strategies and then parents can implement those stratergies whenever they are with their child. Then “therapy” becomes a natural part of the family’s interactions with their child. This is known as “parent-implemented intervention”.

Few studies shows that children with a variety of communication difficulties make good progress when their parents learn to use specific techniques designed to improve the children’s communication skills. Studies also shows that trained parents are as effective – if not more effective in some cases – than speech-language pathologists at helping their child. This confirms that parents should be partners with speech-language pathologists in the therapy process.

Our therapist will consult with othe professionals working with your child (occupational therapist, physiotherapist, SLP’s, ABA therapist, Teachers, support workers etc..)  to ensure that your child is getting the best possible care and services in order to achive the desired goals.

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